• [started]: Complete rework of codebase.
  • [started]: Optional (on build time) KDElibs integration. Related bug
  • [done]: reactivated right click for context menu.
  • [started]: new copy action for sensible data discovered.


  • [started]: html log format and html report for save all scans.
  • [done]: add button to load target list from file.
  • [done]: New action to search vulnerabilities directly from "ports treeView".
  • [done]: New action to open the discovered web server, directly from "ports treeView".
  • [done]: show switch/hub device type.
  • [done]: show WAP device type.
  • [done]: improved "os" detection code.

Scan Options

  • [done]: --packet-trace option.
  • [done]: added support for debugging levels. (-d[1..10])


  • [done]: save the position of combo for the urls.
  • [done]: If the "treeWidget", used for the discovered urls, is empty, make it visible(false.

For full list of changes, read github commit changelog.